About Us

We communicate directly to golf players from all handicaps and ages, who rely on our product to help them connecting with other players, either to find courses and play or simply to share their golf life.

The following 3 characteristics lay the foundations of our brand voice and guide all of up.golf communications.


We want people who want to add a social side to their golf activities. We communicate in a familiar and friendly way.


People usually don't think golf as the best option to spend an enjoyable time with their friends and family, "it takes a long time" "it's too expensive" "it's not fun"... There’s no need for golf days to be all doom and gloom.
Golf like life is best when shared it with friends and family and can be full of humorous moments. With our app you get an email with diferent motivation quotes, can collect badges, make reviews of your favourite course and other features.

Professional (just a bit)

We speak to golfers from all handicaps and ages, so either they are learning all the golf slang or they use it frequently.

Our app is the perfect tool to make your golf even a more enjoyable experience to you and your friends and family. We understand about golf but our aim is the sunny and enjoyable times that golf can give you.

Contact Information

For questions related to the up.golf, you may email us at [email protected]. ,