Share your golf
side of life!

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Up golf app is the new app where you can share your golf activity with your friends, find new players to challenge and discover courses all over the world.

With you can manage or join groups to keep track of your matches and stay connected with your fellow players. All in a friendly and enjoyable place.

Tick another off the list

Teeing it up at a great course for the first time is one on the main attractions of golf. Sharing that experience with your friends along with the banter makes moments and memories that will last forever. Go and explore. Find the best courses to play from fellow golfers and discover hidden gems.

Challenge accepted

Looking for new golfing challenge? Take on new golf buddies, challenge friends and family. Keep tabs on the score, but always have fun, take some pictures and share a couple of beers at the clubhouse.

Thanks for the game

Share your goals, share your improvement, the banter and that killer hole. Share that perfect sunset on the course with your buddies! And don’t forget, the most important shot in golf is the next one!